Jefferson Scott

Intelligent Christian Thrillers

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You've found the Web home of Jefferson Scott, Christian novelist and nonfiction author.

Jeff is the author of six published novels and the co-author of two nonfiction books.

His first fiction is a trilogy of near-future technothrillers in which an everyday hero, VR programmer Ethan Hamilton, finds himself embroiled in all kinds of high-tech mayhem.

His second trilogy is the Operation: Firebrand series, in which Navy SEAL Jason Kromer leads a covert military team on high-tech, high-stakes missions of mercy.

Jeff's nonfiction works include Be Intolerant, co-written with Ryan Dobson, and Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin, co-written with Christian surgeon Clark Gerhart.

On this site you'll also find works-in-progress, short stories, unpublished fiction, and the white paper, "UFOs and the Christian Worldview."

Jeff's Alter Ego

When Jeff lays aside his Jefferson Scott superhero cape, he earns a living as mild-mannered Jeff Gerke, a Christian family man living in Colorado Springs.

Jeff works as a freelance editor, writer, and book doctor. Or so his neigh-bors believe...

If you really want to see what Jeff is up to, click here to get to his other site, WhereTheMapEnds, which is dedicated to two things Jeff loves: Christian speculative fict-ion and helping aspiring novelists learn their craft.