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Other Ficti0n

I have written other fiction besides what has been published. And I've published fiction besides my novels.

To be precise, I've written short stories and two partial novels.

To see my short stories, click here.

The first partial novel is a medieval historical called Grasping at Angels. Actually, it's complete fiction that takes place in an authentic historical setting, so I guess that's not exactly historical fiction. Click here to read several chapters.

The second novel is the book of my heart, my epic fantasy. I'm calling it Swordmaker's Charm, but I have no idea what that means and I'll probably change it. I think of it as a long novel published in three books, which I've tentatively titled Fog, Fire, and Foe. Click here to read the prologue and first chapter.

Thank you for your interest in my other works of fiction.

For More Cool Fiction

Be sure to check out my other Web page, called WhereTheMapEnds, to see more extremely cool Christian fiction and also to get lots of tips and information on writing your own fiction.